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Evolution Gaming is a live online casino aiming to give the players the feeling of being physically present in a casino. Evolution Gaming is a revolutionary casino that played a huge role in popularizing live online casinos which are now considered as a mainstream platform for gambling.

History Of Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming was established way back in 2006 when the concept of live online casinos was alien to people. Of course, the technology back then was not the best suited for live casinos, and because of it, live casinos were not widely accessible as well.

With time and technological advancements, Evolution Gaming demo also kept developing and became an innovator and one of the best live online casinos out there.

One of the greatest moves of Evolution Gaming sign up with major clients like PartyCasino in 2007. This introduced a huge audience to the realm of live online casinos and paved their way to success.

Evolution Gaming casino started with a fairly small studio because they did not speculate that they would gain so much popularity in such a short time. In 2009, Evolution Gaming extended its studio size by four times and included new technologies to ensure the best online casino gaming experience much better.

Evolution Gaming set an outstanding record by winning the title of “Live Casino Supplier of the Year” back to back 10 times in a row in the EGR B2B awards which is considered a prestigious title for the concerned field.

Famous Game Types Of Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming live casino mainly offers 7 types of games including Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and poker. And for each type of main game, there are different variations like Evolution Gaming has more than 11 variants of roulette games apart from the classic one.

Let's get to know some of the most famous games:

Live Dream Catcher

Live Dream Catcher is one of the attractions of Evolution Gaming and as a matter of fact, it is the first live game of Evolution Gaming. This game is based on ‘The wheel of fortune’ which is represented by a wheel which the Evolution Gaming live dealer spins.

Ultimate Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular variants of poker that you can play in Evolution Gaming. It is similar to classic poker with some unique rulesets.

Platinum VIP Blackjack

Blackjack is the most widely played casino game all over the world. It is a descendant of another renowned card game ‘twenty-nine’ which is played with a deck of 52 cards. Evolution Gaming offers Platinum VIP blackjack which comes with certain privileges for a VIP member.

Benefits Of Playing Live Casino Of Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming provides many benefits that make it one of the best live online casinos out there. Let's get to know about some of them:

Diverse Selection of Games

The diverse selection of games offered by Evolution Gaming makes sure that you don’t need to go to different casinos to play different games. Their vast quantity of games is to ensure that it is your one and only go-to casino option.

Evolution Gaming comes with more than eleven variants of roulette, eleven variants of baccarat, six-plus variants of blackjack, around seven variants of poker, and much more. There is no chance for you to get bored because you can always try different types of games at the same place.

A Trusted Casino

Trust is a very international factor in terms of casinos and Evolution Gaming has obtained the highest international standards so that it’s easier for you to place trust in them and carry on with regular transactions.

Evolution Gaming has more than seven certifications by authoritative bodies across multiple jurisdictions around the world which is quite impressive.

Luxurious Experience

Evolution Gaming comes with amazingly skilled professional dealers who are attractive. They will contribute to the gameplay experience making it much better and luxurious.

Moreover, the studio setup will give you the impression of a top-tier casino in Vegas. On top of that, you will be able to experience such luxury in the comfort of your home.

Tips to Play Live Casino Games On AW8

A trusted online casino 2024 has to offer is AW8 or Acewin8. This site is tailored towards the needs and benefits of live casino game enthusiasts. But to utilize the platform fully these tips will help to get the max out of live casino games that you will play here:

Know your live casino game

Before diving into the game, try to learn about the game and its rules, this will help you to ace the casino games.

Get a stable internet connection

No matter the type of internet connection, make sure it is stable and will not betray you while you are playing a live casino game, if you are logged out of the game it can cost you heavily and be a buzzkill.

Strategize for the game

To be able to create tactics surrounding your casino game is a must and for that, you need to plan ahead and know the ins and outs of the game.

Take advantage of AW8 bonuses

From time to time, AW8 has made arrangements for lots of bonuses and gifts for its user base, if you take advantage of that, rest assured you won’t leave empty-handed.

Be mindful of losses

Do not keep investing in a losing streak and let it become a cycle, know when to pull out and start afresh, also know the limit of the resources that you want to put in the casino games that you play.

Claim Your Live Casino Bonus and Promotions In AW8

AW8 – a trusted online casino Malaysia has brought in - not only provides you with a platform for live casino games but also strives to make the games more immersive and enjoyable for its users by giving out benevolent bonuses.

Let us get a glimpse of some of the many bonuses provided by AW8:

● Referral Bonus

This bonus enables not only you but also a friend of yours to whom you may choose to refer our platform, to get a minimum of 5 MYR with a maximum of 5 times the turnover.

● Welcome Bonus

AW8 warmly welcomes its new members with hefty amounts of MYR with minimum amounts of deposits, which will let the beginners get on a level playing field.

● Vaccination Reward

Keeping in mind the Covid-19 pandemic, to encourage more vaccination AW8 has kept a bonus system for the fully vaccinated people.

● AW8 Perfect Attendance Bonus

This is a very easy bonus which you can avail of by only attending games from Monday to Sunday and playing a minimum turnover of MYR 1,688.

● AW8 Rescue Bonus

Facing severe losses? Don’t worry AW8 has your back, if you are getting the minimum loss amount from Monday to Sunday, you can apply for this bonus to avail maximum payout ranging from MYR 58 to MYR 588.


Evolution Gaming is an amazing live casino that comes with a crazy ton of features and not to mention, games. Evolution Gaming is not all about the number of games but the quality, which the experience clearly indicates.

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