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Asia Gaming is one of the most popular live casino platforms in Asia that has been operating since 2012. Asia Gaming is a known name for anyone who is engaged in the gambling scene.

It offers a huge variety of games to choose from and comes with tons of features, which provide the best online casino experience.

Asia Gaming AG is also known for promoting through endorsing different celebrities which makes it so popular. On top of that, Asia Gaming is reputed for its fairness and ethical work conduct.

History Of Asia Gaming

As said before, 2012 was the year when Asia Gaming was founded. The headquarters of the Asia Games is situated in the Philippines. Since 2012, it has been gaining popularity as one of the best live casino Asia platforms in Asia.

Initially, Asia Gaming official website was launched for the PC platform only because mobile gaming was not a thing back then as it is today. 2014 is the year when AG extended its compatibility to mobile devices and launched apps for Android and Apple devices.

Asia Gaming shifted towards HTML5, which made AG compatible with all mobile devices.

From 2015 to 2018, Asia Gaming signed various deals that include a deal with XIN gaming for further expanding and promoting their services. In 2018, AG signed a deal that enabled them to stream live Portomaso games directly to online casino players.

Famous Game Types Of Asia Gaming

Among more than 100 games that AG is offering, some games are particularly famous in AG news. Let's get to know about some of them in brief.

Bull Bull

Bull Bull is also known as Bullfight or Niu Niu. It is generally a fast-paced game with multiple rounds and each of the rounds is usually 25 seconds.

Bull Bull is not a very popular casino game worldwide but the Asian gambling scene says otherwise. Bull Bull is a traditional Asian card game. There are different versions of Bull Bull but the one developed by AG is one of the most popular ones.

VIP Baccarat

Baccarat is a popular form of card game played at casinos. AG offers different types of Baccarat games and one of them is VIP Baccarat.

VIP Baccarat allows a player to join a VIP lobby and control the flow of the game and personalize by availing of different features such as the squeezing cards.

Unlike Bull Bull, Baccarat is popular worldwide with its wide range of features. Asia Gaming live dealer offers different types of traditional Baccarat games where you could place bets up to $1.5 million.

European Roulette

This is a popular form of roulette in Europe which the name suggests. Among various categories of roulette games offered by Asia games, European Roulette is available to play.

European roulette is not very different from other forms of popular roulette. There are 37 colored ball pockets instead of 38 or 39.

Benefits Of Playing Live Casino of Asia Gaming

Asia Gaming provides many unique features and benefits which makes it a great live online casino. These benefits may be a deciding factor for you if you are looking for a suitable casino to play games.

Let's get to know about some of them:

Asia Live Dealer Game

AG Asia Gaming will be able to give the players a true Asian casino flavor where the players will be able to play different traditional games. Players are free to pick from a wide variety of traditional Asian and non-Asian games. The betting tables are hosted by professional Asian girls who are highly experienced.

Moreover, they will try to ensure you the best gaming experience possible. Of course, you can always join the VIP games and enjoy and get the best gaming experience they are offering.

Play Anytime From Anywhere

Asia Gaming is a live online casino and you can play your favorite casino games from anywhere. You can also play at any time because of its 24/7 availability.

This means that you don’t need to rely on physical casinos to gamble anymore and you can do it easily by joining Asia Gaming.

This is one of the biggest selling points of online live casinos, especially in Covid times where there are worldwide preventive measures such as social distancing and lockdown. Going to a casino physically for gambling is particularly inconvenient in this situation.

Mobile Platform Support

As said before, Asia Gaming platform has been providing mobile support since 2014. This means that you will be able to play your favorite online casino game from anywhere, on the go.

The mobile app is named AG (AG casino love) that is available on the most popular mobile platforms: iOS and Android. You can download it free from your iOS or Android device from the App Store or Google Play store.

The AG app rocks a simple and user-friendly interface. It is also cross-platform compatible.

Another addition to the mobile platform compatibility is the adaption of the latest Html5 technology. This makes Asia Gaming universally compatible for all mobile devices so that users can access and play their favorite casino games without downloading any apps.

It allows seamless connectivity without any noticeable delay and offers a wide variety of games.

Tips To Play Live Casino Games on AW8

Acewin8 or AW8 is another popular and trusted online casino Malaysia brought in. If you want to get started with playing live casino games on AW8, you could use some times that would definitely benefit you. They are as following:

Ensure a good and stable connection

A good and stable internet connection is the first and foremost for a decent and seamless online casino gaming experience. Online casino platforms are not very bandwidth hungry so a stable home internet connection would do totally fine, even for the best trusted online casino 2024.

Game plan

A good game plan or strategy is the key to winning. If you play casino games without any game plan or strategy or without having any idea, you will just end up losing a lot of money,

Know when to stop

Don’t put all of your capital into one bet. Instead, break it apart and place small bets so that you can balance the odds. And it's best not to continue if you are continuously losing. Come back again with a better strategy.


Always look for promotional offers where there are exciting offers for new and old users as well. Always keep an eye on the promo section and capitalize on it to make more out of each bet.

Claim Your Live Casino Bonus and Promotions in AW8

There are many exciting promotional offers that you can claim right now in AW8. Some of them are:

150% Welcome Bonus

This promo is available for first deposit members only. So any newly registered members can get up to 150% bonus which is limited to 1200 MYR.

Daily Reload Bonus

This bonus is applicable for every new and old AW8 member where the users can claim up to 50% reload bonus daily.

Vaccination Rewards

In Covid times, this is a really commendable promo offered by aw8. If you get vaccinated and complete both of the doses, you will get a 50% reload reward with a minimum deposit of 50 MYR and a max 100 MYR bonus.

Birthday Bonus

Aw8 has a special promo to make you feel special on your birthday. You can claim your birthday bonus of up to 50 MYR.


Considering everything Asia Gaming is offering, it gives an experience very similar to physical casinos. The interface is very simple, friendly for any type of user. Added with the convenience, Asia Gaming is a great live online casino that you can try out.

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